Sometimes it can seem like dental damage just pops up out of nowhere. You’re going along with your normal life, and suddenly you’re dealing with a tooth that is cracked, chipped, or otherwise compromised.

Why does this happen!?

Our Santa Monica dentists are here with some more information about how and why dental damage occurs. We have found that the more our patients know about the causes of dental damage, the better they are able to protect their smiles over time.

So, the first thing to know is that although dental damage seems to occur over night, generally these dental problems have been building surreptitiously over time.

· If you suffer from dental grinding, also called bruxism, this can create micro-cracks and chips in your enamel. Over time, these cracks become more severe and leave the inner tooth exposed to further damage. It’s important to find treatment solutions for bruxism, so that you do not experience premature dental wear and tear.

· Acidic foods and drinks also weaken dental enamel and can increase a patient’s risk of suffering from dental damage. Popular drinks like coffee, red wine, soft drinks, and juice drinks all contain high levels of potentially problematic acid.

· Dental infections, caused by harmful oral bacteria can also undermine the patient’s healthy dental structure. Sometimes, dental caries may not be visible on the surface of the tooth, but they run rampant through the inner tooth layers. Over time, this weakens the tooth as a whole, and may result in unexpected fracture.

Our Santa Monica dentists are here to give you all of the information that you need to care for your smile. If you have questions, or you’d like to schedule a consultation with our team, please call our office to get started. You can also submit a question through the Contact Us page on our website!


Many people, when they think about dental damage, call to mind dramatic dental emergencies: bike or car crashes, sports accidents, and the like. However, the vast majority of dental damage is actually the result of minor, compounded wear and tear. This type of damage accumulates over time, before becoming unavoidably visible.

Our Santa Monica dentists are here with some simple things that you can do day to day in order to protect your smile from premature and unnecessary damage. Keep reading to learn more.

The first thing we want to consider is how our diets can negatively affect our smiles. Obviously, you want to limit the number of sugary treats and drinks that you consume, as these help harmful oral bacteria to flourish. Additionally, try to minimize the amount of time that acidic substances, like soft drinks and fruit juices, are allows to sit on your enamel. Get into the habit of vigorously rinsing your mouth with water after eating or drinking, as this can help to minimize the effects of smile-weakening substances.

Next, it’s time to cut out some of those bad habits you’ve developed over time; those habits that put unnecessary pressure on your teeth and weaken your enamel. Don’t, for example, chomp on ice, hard candies, and the like; doing so can create micro-cracks and chips in your teeth, which then become more severe over time. Also, try to use floss rather than metal or wooden toothpicks to clean between your teeth. Toothpicks may lead to enamel and gum tissue damage.

Finally, stay alert for signs of bruxism in your daily (and nightly) life. Bruxism is a conditioned that is characterized by chronic dental grinding and clenching. This subtle condition puts an immense amount of pressure on your teeth, and can lead to bite problems, worn down dental enamel, and tooth fracture. If you find yourself grinding or clenching your teeth, talk to your dentist about protective measures you can take.

Our Santa Monica dentists are here to answer any additional questions that you may have about caring for your smile. Give us a call to learn more!


You’re already brushing your teeth and flossing your smile as recommended by your dentist, that’s great! There is one more component of a healthy oral hygiene routine that you need to make sure you’re keeping up with: your professional dental cleanings. Keep reading to learn more from our Santa Monica dentist...

The American Dental Association recommends that dental patients complete professional oral health cleanings every six months or so. Some people, those who are managing diabetes, for example, may need to schedule appointments more frequently. Your dentist will let you know if you should deviate from the general six-month cleaning recommendation.

It is crucial that you regularly undergo professional cleanings because, to put it plainly, you just can’t get rid of all your dental plaque and tartar by brushing and flossing alone. The longer these things are allowed to fester in your smile, the more likely you are to suffer from cavities and gum disease.

Tartar, in particular, is pretty much impossible to clean off of your teeth at home. Tartar is calcified plaque, and once it is bonded to your smile, it’s best to have a dentist remove it using professional tools.

So why six months? Six months is just a general guideline, that helps patients refresh their smiles regularly enough so as to minimize their respective risks of developing cavities and gum disease. The goal is to refresh and clean your smile, so that you can maintain it to the best of your ability until your next professional cleaning.

Regularly scheduled appointments also allow our team to screen your smile for developing problems as well as oral cancers. These assessments empower you to treat oral health problems before they get out of control.

Our Santa Monica dentists are here to help you no matter where you’re at with your oral health currently. Even if it has been years since you’ve seen a dentist, give us a call and get back on track!