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Dr. Follette is experienced in the use of mercury free fillings, which means patients in and around Santa Monica, CA, don't have to worry about mercury-related health risks that can be associated with traditional amalgam fillings. And it also means your fillings will be virtually invisible.
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Mercury Free Dentistry Q & A

by Carol E. Follette, DDS

Are mercury fillings “bad”?

Mercury is a toxic element which for years was used in the manufacture of dental fillings called amalgams. An amalgam filling uses a combination of multiple metals bound together by mercury. Some fillings can contain as much as 50 percent mercury. Larger fillings contain proportionately larger amounts of mercury. Mercury can be released from fillings in the form of tiny particles that can be inhaled or swallowed. Studies have shown that even low levels of mercury in the body can have toxic effects. Although both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA) have stated the use of amalgam filling containing mercury is safe, many patients choose to avoid potential exposure by opting for mercury-free fillings. 

Should I have my mercury fillings replaced?

If your fillings are sound, the choice of whether or not to have them replaced is entirely personal. Many patients have them replaced to minimize the risk of mercury exposure; others opt for more natural-looking composite fillings that are colored like natural teeth and are therefore largely invisible when you speak, eat, laugh or yawn. Composite fillings tend to be more costly than amalgams, which can have a bearing on your decision. If your fillings are loose or broken, choosing to have the filling replaced with a natural composite is an option to discuss with Dr. Follette. And of course, if you have a new cavity that requries a filling, you'll want to discuss mercury-free options with Dr. Follette.

Does the removal of amalgam fillings increase my risk of exposure to mercury?

Dr. Follette uses special instruments and techniques developed to prevent additional exposure to mercury when old fillings are removed and replaced. If you're considering having old amalgam fillings removed, Dr. Follette can explain the procedure she uses so you feel more confident in your decision.

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