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Each year, millions of people just like you turn to professional teeth whitening to get beautiful, healthy-looking teeth. Dr. Follette uses the safest, most advanced whitening techniques for her patients in and around Santa Monica, CA, to achieve the best, longest-lasting results.
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Teeth Whitening Q & A

by Carol E. Follette, DDS

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening procedures compared to at-home treatments?

Professional teeth whitening procedures use the most advanced, state-of-the-art techniques to provide more consistent, longer-lasting results than at-home treatments. In fact, many professional treatments can provide noticeable results lasting for years after the initial treatment. Dr. Follette can recommend the type and frequency of treatment that's best for your specific needs so you can expect a more custom result than you could ever achieve with an over-the-counter product. In addition, having your teeth professionally whitened means your dentist can look for other problems like cracks, chips or tiny cavities that could cause sensitivity following your whitening procedure. Having these defects addressed first can hep improve your results and reduce the likelihood of any potential sensitivity issues. 

Do teeth whitening procedures cause permanent sensitivity?

Sensitivity caused by teeth whitening procedures typically resolves within a day or two of treatment. If sensitivity persists, it could indicate another issue such as gum disease or cavities. Another advantage of professional whitening procedures is that they can be completed in a single visit, minimizing the impact and duration of any sensitivity that may occur. At-home treatments typically require days or weeks to achieve their full potential, prolonging sensitivity issues as well. 

I have veneers and crowns on some of my teeth. Can I still have my teeth whitened?

Agents used in professional teeth whitening are safe to use with most restorative products like crowns, caps and veneers, but in some cases, they may weaken bonding agents. When having your teeth professionally whitened, your dentist will take your restorative work into account when designing the best treatment for you.


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