Santa Monica Dental Bonding Dentist Allows Patients To Achieve Cosmetic And Structural Results

by Dr. Follette | Date Published: 2016-11-15

Dental bonding is one of the most versatile dental treatments available today. This simple procedure allows our Santa Monica dentist to improve the aesthetics, health, and function of a patient’s smile. Today we are going to be talking in greater depth about what dental bonding can accomplish.

Dental bonding refers to the process by which our dentist applies dental resin to a patient’s natural tooth structure. After this resin is shaded, shaped, and refined, it is cured so that it hardens and bonds to the patient’s dental enamel.

This process is generally completed from start to finish in just one dental appointment. Once the resin is cured, the patient is able to jump back into his or her normal routine! Cured resin is hard, durable, and gives a very similar visual appearance to real dental resin.

So what kinds of things can dental bonding do?

--Cover dark or discolored enamel in order to give the patient’s smile a brighter and whiter appearance

--Repair cracked or chipped enamel in order to fortify the tooth, and perfect the visual appearance of the tooth

--Improve bite surfaces so that a patient’s teeth top and bottom teeth come together comfortably, and in a way that is healthy for the patient’s temporomandibular joint

--Close gaps between teeth, and/or lengthen disproportionately short teeth

--Resurface pitted or irregularly textured dental enamel

As you can see, dental bonding is used to accomplish a number of different aesthetic and restorative dentistry objectives. Because this treatment is fast, effective, customizable, and more affordable than many other treatments, dental bonding is one of the most popular dental solutions in our office.

Do you want to learn more about dental bonding, or any other restorative or cosmetic dentistry treatments? If so, give our Santa Monica dentists a call to schedule a consultation and get started!