Santa Monica Dentist Encourages Patients To Complete Semi-Annual Professional Dental Cleanings

by Dr. Follette | Date Published: 2017-05-30

You may already know that the general recommendation from the American Dental Association is that dental patients complete professional cleanings every six months or so. But why is this the case? Our Santa Monica dentists are here to help you understand why this type of schedule is so important. Let’s get started!

Professional dental cleanings are crucial for maintaining long-term oral health. In order to achieve and retain a healthy smile, you really need to combine professional care with a diligent daily oral hygiene routine.

During a professional cleaning our dental team clears away plaque and tartar that has accumulated and built up on your teeth and gums. When plaque—the sticky bacterial film that develops throughout the day and night—is allowed to sit on your smile for a period of time, it calcifies and becomes something called tartar. Once plaque becomes tartar, you really need professional treatment to clear it away.

Our team also performs oral cancer screenings during appointments; because cancers often develop asymptomatically in their earliest stages, it is crucial that you have a professional assessing your smile regularly.

So why is the recommendation that patients come in every six months or so? This general guideline helps to make sure that you’re refreshing and cleaning your smile frequently enough to minimize your risk of developing serious oral health issues. Some people, especially those with ongoing health issues like diabetes, may need to complete professional cleanings more frequently; this is something your dental team will advise you on.

If it has been years since you’ve completed a professional cleaning, now is the time to get your smile back on track. Our Santa Monica dentists are here to give you all of the information and support that you need in order to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Please don’t hesitate to give us call if you have questions and to schedule your personal consultation!