Santa Monica Dentist Provides Overview Of Mercury Free Dentistry

by Dr. Follette | Date Published: 2017-03-07

Our Santa Monica dentists are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care available. For this reason, our dental practice is completely mercury-free. We know that mercury and amalgam-free dentistry delivers exceptional aesthetics, while promoting the patient’s overall wellbeing.

Traditionally, in dentistry, dental fillings and restorations were made of amalgam. Amalgam is a mixture of different metals, including silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Amalgam was used because it was malleable, and thus could be molded to fit the individual patient’s tooth structure.

Unfortunately, because amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of metals they…you guessed it…look metallic! Amalgam restorations don’t blend, they appear dark on the dental surface, and thus are less than ideal for highly visible teeth.

Additionally, many people prefer to avoid mercury in their dental fillings as mercury has been tied to health problems. As amalgam fillings age, they may start to expand and contract in response to warm and cool temperatures, respectively. This heat-reactivity undermines the integrity of the filling itself, and it can lead to cracks or fractures in the enamel or dentin.

Our dental team is proud to offer natural-looking, mercury-free fillings and restorations. Using composite resin and porcelain, we restore teeth without exposing patients to the disadvantages of amalgam. Composite resin, for example, can be shaded to match any patient’s enamel; once this type of restoration is in place it blends seamlessly with the surrounding dental structure.

When it comes time to correct existing dental damage, our team offers a number of mercury-free options. Additionally, if you currently have mercury restorations or fillings, our dentist can safely replace them with more modern and attractive restorative options.

Please feel free to call our Santa Monica mercury free dentists to get more information, and to schedule a personal consultation! We’re here to help you achieve an attractive and healthy smile that’ll last a lifetime.