Have you ever wished that you could have a flawless smile – one that lights up a room as soon as you enter? Maybe you’ve even looked longingly at pictures of celebrities and wished you had that “Hollywood smile.”

Chances are good that all those stunning celebrity smiles had a little help from cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers in particular. If you’re thinking that your budget can’t handle veneers, you may be pleasantly surprised at the smile transformation your Santa Monica cosmetic dentist can achieve with just a few veneers strategically placed!

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are very thin shells of dental porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. Porcelain is an excellent material for veneers because it looks so much like natural dental enamel. Veneers are custom-made to match the shade of your own teeth, and the finished result is a flawless, natural-looking smile.

What can Porcelain Veneers do for Me?

One of the significant benefits of porcelain veneers is that your cosmetic dentist can use them to correct a wide variety of cosmetic dental flaws:

  • Mask cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Disguise the appearance of crooked teeth
  • Cover spaces lefts by gaps between teeth
  • Alter the appearance of severely stained or discolored teeth
  • Lengthen the appearance of teeth

Do Porcelain Veneers Look Natural?

Porcelain veneers are not only versatile, but they blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. The translucent quality of porcelain makes them an excellent choice for a cosmetic dental treatment that is flawless and looks just like your natural teeth – only better! In fact, chances are that no one will notice you’ve had any work done!

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When it comes to the way we look, there are few things more stressful than a smile we’re not happy with. After all, your smile is meant to show you at your best. When you’re meeting new people, going on a date, interviewing for a job, or even just hanging out with your friends, you rely on your smile to communicate a positive impression of who you are.

Today, the stresses around having a “good smile” have grown as we take and post more pictures of ourselves than ever before. If you’re not happy with your smile, it’s just not pictures at holidays and get togethers where you have to see it looking back at you. There are the day’s selfies, your picture in the top corner of the video call, and the photos your friends share online.

For most people, the biggest anxiety they have around their smile is the color of their teeth. Many of us have a shining white ideal in our heads that may border on the edges of what’s actually attainable without some photo or video editing software. Regardless, with every shade further from white we get, our anxiety grows.

What causes teeth to discolor?

Your teeth are covered by a thin, protective layer known as enamel. Beneath this is another later known as dentin. Dentin is more yellow in color than enamel, and it also absorbs color from foods and beverage more readily. In addition to dentin, plaque and tartar also take on stains more easily than enamel.

By failing to properly care for your teeth, two things happen: Enamel erodes and cracks, and plaque and tarter build up. With that, your teeth are, unfortunately, primed and ready to take on colors other than pearly white. But that’s the underlying cause. What are some of the specific things that stain our teeth?


Simply put, sugar eats away at enamel. The more sugary substances your teeth come into contact with, the more your enamel is getting bombarded. A lot of folks point to colorful, sugary drinks like sports drinks or dark soda when listing common culprits of teeth staining. But even lighter drinks like clear soda are full of enamel-attacking sugar.

Just because fruits are healthy doesn’t make the sugars in berries and fruit juices any better for your tooth enamel, so be wary of them as well. Does that mean you should skip that healthy smoothie? Absolutely not. But drinking it through a straw, or following it up with a quick tooth brushing—or even just a rinse with some water—can go a long way toward protecting your teeth.


Much like sugars, acids wear away at tooth enamel. Again, fruits can be a common culprit here, especially more acidic fruits like lemons. Wine is another acidic beverage that coats the teeth. And again, while red wine may get the bulk of the blame due to its darker color, white wine still contains acid that negatively affects tooth enamel.


Tannins are yet another organic compound that erodes enamel. Tannins are in wine, as well as coffee and tea. And you guessed it: Even if they’re lightly colored, they can still do damage to the color of your teeth. While coffee is often thought of as a worse offender than tea when it comes to tooth discoloration, many teas actually have a more severe discoloration effect than coffee.

As we said earlier, frequent brushing and rinsing, as well as drinking through a straw more often, can help cut down on the staining effects of some of our favorite foods and beverages. But if you’re reading this article and saying to yourself, “I wish I’d known this years ago!,” fear not. If your teeth are not as white as you would like, teeth whitening here at Carol E. Follette DDS will have you smiling proudly in selfies in no time. And guess what? If you’re new to our office, download our new patient special for a complimentary teeth whitening kit.



We love treating children because we want to give them the best possible start with their oral health. Early visits with your little ones aren’t as much about treatment as they are about education.

Raising kids is hard work, and nobody expects you to be an expert in their oral health care. That’s where your Santa Monica family dentist comes in. During these early visits, our family dentist will focus on educating you about the ways you can help ensure that your child has a healthy smile.

Teaching Your Child to Brush and Floss

We will show you the best ways for you to brush and floss your child’s teeth. If you have an older child, we will include them in the conversation so that they can learn proper oral hygiene techniques. These are lessons that, when reinforced at home, will benefit your child’s oral health long into adulthood.

The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is essential at every age, even for children as young as a year old. The Santa Monica family dentist We want to make sure you have the information necessary to protect primary teeth because they play a very important role.

Even though they eventually fall out, baby teeth have a big job to do. They hold a place for the permanent teeth that are already developing in their gums. Losing a baby tooth too early because of decay can have serious effects on your child’s oral health.

Neighboring baby teeth start to shift position and drift into the space left by a missing tooth. Permanent teeth no longer have the space to grow in properly, leading to tooth misalignment and orthodontic treatment in the future.

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As your family dentsit, we're here to help your children learn the importance of optimal oral health from a young age. We will help educate you so you can make the best choices for your unique and precious child.