If you have noticed that your teeth feel sensitive, or that you’re regularly battling dental discomfort, our Santa Monica dentists are here to help. Today we are going to be talking about why sensitivity develops, as well as what you can do about it. Keep reading to learn more…

What Causes Dental Sensitivity?

Dental sensitivity can develop for a number of reasons, some more serious than others. Some people, for example, find that their teeth are temporarily sensitive after a professional cleaning or after using whitening formulations.

More long-term, chronic sensitivity, however, is an indicator that some part of the protective layers of your smile have broken down. If you grind your teeth, your enamel may have worn down. Enamel can also weaken due to regular exposure to acidic foods and drinks. And, of course, if one of your teeth is infected, you’ll likely experience tooth pain.

Discomfort occurs when your dental nerves are no longer adequately protected by enamel or gum tissue. So, the first thing that our dental team will do is to take a look at your smile, and pinpoint the underlying cause of your sensitivity.

Are There Treatments Available To Me?

The short answer is, “yes!” The longer answer is that in order to achieve lasting relief, you have to tailor your treatment protocol to meet your needs.

One option is to use products that contain nerve-soothing ingredients. Switching from a standard toothpaste to one that is safe for sensitive teeth, for example, can make a big difference, especially for patients who are dealing with occasional discomfort.

Another way to move forward is to undergo treatments that strengthen your natural dental or gum tissue. Generally speaking, people with periodontal disease experience much less discomfort once their gums are healed and more resilient again. Topical fluoride treatments are used to encourage dental enamel remineralization.

Finally, restorative dental treatments can build-up and replace missing tissues, thus repairing the insufficient protective layers of your smile. If your gums are damaged due to periodontal disease, it might be time to ask your dentist if gum grafts are right for you. Repairing damaged teeth with composite resin or porcelain restorations will likewise shield the more sensitive layers of your teeth.

Our Santa Monica dentists are happy to help you in any way that we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to get more information, and to schedule a personal consultation. 


Whether dental damage pops out of nowhere or develops incrementally over time, it is crucial that you, as a patient, seek prompt treatment. Most oral health issues aren’t going to heal on their own—they require restorative care to get your smile back on track. 

Today our Santa Monica dentist is going to be talking about a few of the most popular restorative treatments we offer:

Dental Bonding

The bonding process is simple, straightforward, and effective: our dental team will apply custom-shaded resin to your tooth structure, and shape it so that it looks natural. Then, we cure the resin so that it cures and hardens on the tooth. This can be used to correct dental damage, lengthen short teeth, and even close gaps in your smile.


Veneers are individually crafted porcelain restorations. A veneer is only as thick as a contact lens; once it is in place it completely covers the visible tooth surface and transforms the look of the relevant tooth.

Custom Crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have been damaged due to infection or injury. A crown makes your tooth look whole again, but even more importantly, it allows you to regain a healthy and fully functional smile. Our team will use your natural teeth as guides when crafting your crown.

Laser Periodontics

Periodontal disease develops when oral bacteria are able to infiltrate a patient’s oral tissues. If left untreated, this infection can spread to adjacent teeth, connective tissues, and even your jawbone. Laser gum disease treatment eliminates infected tissues, while encouraging healing and leaving unaffected tissues in place.

Dental Implants

These stand-alone replacement teeth are permanently embedded in the patient’s jawbone tissue—the root of the dental implant replaces the missing natural tooth root. Alternatively, or additionally, dental implant technology can be used to hold a larger dental prosthetic in place.

In some cases, one of these treatments is sufficient to meet the patient’s goals. For more complex cases our team will combine treatment protocols to address multiple issues at once. If you have questions, our Santa Monica dentist is here to help, just give us a call!



If you know that you want to improve the appearance of your smile, but you are not sure how to get started, our Santa Monica cosmetic dentists are here to help. Keep reading to learn more about aesthetic goals and how we achieve them.

Start With A Clean Slate

Before we begin any treatment protocol, we will complete a thorough professional cleaning on your smile as well as an oral cancer screening. Treatments like professional dental whitening are much more effective when your teeth are fresh and clean. This process also gives our team the opportunity to understand how the different components of your smile are working together, and to make any structural or restorative treatment recommendations that may be necessary.

Erase Stains

Teeth tend to accumulate environmental stains—from foods, beverages, and tobacco products—over time. Professional whitening is designed to lift discoloration from the tooth structure, thus restoring your smile to its natural level of whiteness.

Cover Enamel

Whether you are dealing with discoloration or existing damage, covering affected teeth with composite resin or porcelain will help your smile look its best. Both of these materials mimic the appearance of natural dental enamel, so once treatment is complete your smile will look healthy, bright, and natural.

Build Up Small Teeth

Sometimes adult teeth develop with disproportionate dimensions. Certain teeth can also become worn down due to conditions like bruxism, also known as dental grinding. Building up diminished teeth resin or porcelain will bring your smile into balance aesthetically, while supporting healthy chewing and jaw function.

Smooth Rough Edges

If you are living with cracked or chipped enamel, your smile may be looking older than it really is. That is why our Santa Monica dentists use restorative materials to round out angular tooth shapes, thereby achieving a more seamless appearance.

As always our Santa Monica dental team is happy to answer any questions you may have, and to help you schedule a personal consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!