The recent concern over the presence of mercury in foods and other products may have you wondering about your older amalgam fillings. Today I’ll discuss why more and more dentists are moving away from this material to mercury-free dentistry.

What’s the Latest Word on Mercury Fillings?

Patients today are more concerned than ever with what goes into their bodies. The presence of mercury in certain foods has prompted some concern, and the Santa Monica mercury-free dentist commonly answers questions about the safety of amalgam fillings that contain about 50 percent mercury.

Although the FDA has deemed amalgam fillings to be safe for use in dental fillings, many patients still have concerns about the use of this material in their own fillings and especially the safety of amalgam fillings for their children.

Do Dentists Still Use Amalgam?

Many dentists today choose not to use amalgam fillings, not because of safety concerns but because of esthetics. Silver fillings create a dark spot in your smile, and over time they can take on a bluish hue that makes the tooth look dark. The Santa Monica mercury-free dentist uses only fillings made of tooth-colored composite resin because they are strong and durable and an excellent esthetic choice for teeth that are visible when you smile.

Is It Safe to Remove Mercury Fillings?

While it’s not necessary to remove amalgam fillings for safety, many patients would like to get rid of the noticeable dark spot, and we are equipped to do that safely. Procedure rooms are specifically designed to allow for the safe removal and replacement of old amalgam fillings, including air filtering systems that safely vent out any trace of mercury vapors. Your safety is our top priority; we follow strict protocols, are highly trained, and have many years of experience in replacing mercury with healthier, non-toxic materials.

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