Carol E. Follette, DDS - Cosmetic Dentist & Periodontist in Santa Monica

About Dr. Follette

Dr. Carol Follette - Dentist in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Carol E. Follette DDS has been a practicing dentist serving the Santa Monica, CA area for many years. She genuinely enjoys helping people achieve beautiful and healthy smiles that will last a lifetime. She is known for her personal patient care and compassionate attitude. Dr. Follette and her dental team believe in building patient relationships that last, so it's very common to see several generations of families come to Dr. Follette’s Santa Monica office.

Dr. Follette and her caring dental team utilize the latest dental technologies and techniques to provide patients with exceptional dental care.

Dr. Follette uses both her experience and the latest technology to help her patients smile with confidence. Here at Dr. Carole E. Follette’s dental practice in Santa Monica, CA we know that your smile will be your favorite asset!

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