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Dental bonding is the fast and effective way to transform your teeth.

Dental bonding treatment allows Dr. Follette to improve the appearance and/or the structure of a patient’s tooth using dental resin. Dental bonding is sometimes referred to as direct composite veneer/chairside veneer treatment.

When you come into our office for dental bonding our team will apply customized dental resin to your enamel. Once the resin cures, the dental bonding will blend in seamlessly with your natural tooth.

Composite Veneers

We use dental bonding to:

  • Rebuild chipped teeth
  • Fill in cracks in the dental enamel
  • Lighten dark and stained smiles
  • Close spaces between teeth (instant orthodontics!)
  • Build out crooked/crowded teeth so that they appear straight (instant orthodontics!)
  • Lengthen short teeth
  • Improve uneven dental shapes

Dental Bonding

Why do people choose dental bonding over other treatments?

  • Fast results: achieve full results in just one appointment (generally under 3 hours)
  • Comfortable: dental bonding is non-invasive, so there is no need to use anesthesia
  • Conservative option: dental bonding does not require dental drilling or enamel destruction; your healthy tooth stays intact under the bonding
  • Affordable: dental bonding is less expensive than many cosmetic treatments, including veneers
  • Customizable: dental resin is custom shaded and shaped to suit each dental patient
  • Maintain results: post-treatment you will be able to care for your smile normally; with proper care dental bonding can last for decades
  • Simple to repair: if your bonding does become damaged, our team can quickly and easily repair it

Why so many people choose Santa Monica dentist Dr. Follette for dental bonding?

Decades of Experience

Dr. Follette has been using dental bonding to transform smiles for over a decade. She has the knowledge and experience necessary to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Just take a look at our before and after pictures to see for yourself!

Fast and Simple

Imagine this: you come into our office with chipped and uneven dental enamel; you leave, that same day, with a restored tooth. It’s all possible with dental bonding! This non-invasive treatment takes just one appointment to complete, and requires no post-treatment recovery time.

Total Transformations

Because dental bonding covers the patient’s visible enamel, we can completely transform the appearance of your smile with this quick and comfortable treatment. Whether you want to lighten your teeth, straighten your smile, or repair dental damage, we’ve got you covered.

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