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Tired of living with old, unsightly mercury fillings?

Discover the difference of metal-free, mercury-free, white composite restorations!

It used to be that if a patient needed a dental restoration he or she had to settle for an amalgam filling. Amalgam fillings have metal cores—which contain mercury. Although these fillings were functional, the metal gave the restoration a dark unnatural appearance. Worryingly, over time the amalgam often began to leak, weakening the structure of the tooth.

Now, however, Dr. Follette offers a mercury-free, natural-looking alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. White composite resin allows us to place dental restorations that enhance both the appearance and the health of your teeth.

Why patients trust Santa Monica dentist Dr. Follette for mercury-free dentistry:

Put Your Health First

Composite resin fillings have a number of health advantages over conventional amalgam fillings. They require less destruction of healthy tooth structure than metal fillings, which makes it more likely that your teeth will hold up for years to come. Additionally, composite resin ages better than amalgam. Because mercury fillings expand and contract with age, they often cause teeth to crack or chip, while composite fillings do not.

Count on Experience

Dr. Follette has over 25 years of experience helping patients achieve attractive, healthy smiles. Our office is specifically designed to facilitate the replacement of amalgam fillings. You can comfortably and quickly replace your ugly metallic restorations and start enjoying a healthy smile.

Maintain a Stunningly White Smile

Many patients with amalgam fillings complain that the metal stains their smiles. No matter how well they brush or how often they whiten, they can’t get rid of the gray metallic undertones that come along with mercury restorations. With composite resin you can regain a natural, white smile. The resin can even be shaded to complement your natural tooth-shade and blend seamlessly with your smile.

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