Santa Monica Dental Team Gives Your More Information About How Bonding and Veneers Compare

by Dr. Follette | Date Published: 2016-06-21

Our Santa Monica dentist is here to help you choose the perfect cosmetic and restorative treatments for your smile. One of the best ways to get an idea of what kind of treatment suits you is to directly compare the pros and cons of different options. So, today our dental team is explaining some of the similarities and differences of bonding and veneers. Let’s get started!

The reason that dental bonding and veneers are often compared with one another is because these treatments can be used to treat many of the same dental problems…

· Stained or otherwise discolored teeth

· Cracked/chipped dental enamel

· Gaps between teeth

· Slightly misaligned smiles

· Short or poorly proportioned teeth

The foundational difference between these two treatments is that dental bonding uses dental resin to cover teeth, while veneers are made of porcelain. Both of these materials, once treatment is complete, will be hard and durable, but they do have slightly different properties. For this reason…

· Dental bonding is significantly less expensive than veneer’s treatment

· Bonding takes only one appointment to complete, while veneers generally take three

· If your restoration becomes damaged, we cannot repair veneers—the damaged veneer must be replaced; however, our team can repair dental bonding

· Bonding is non-invasive, while veneers require your dentist to shave down some of your tooth structure before restoration application

· Dental bonding is reversible, so our team can remove your bonding, and your tooth will still be intact underneath. Veneers are not reversible in the same way, as your natural tooth has to be altered before treatments

· Dental veneers generally last a little longer than bonding

Our dental team provides both of these treatments in our Santa Monica dental office. So if you have any additional questions about your cosmetic options, or if you would like to schedule a personal consultation with our team, please give us a call!