Santa Monica Dentist Answers Common Questions From Patients About Dental Bonding

by Dr. Follette | Date Published: 2016-04-12

Dental bonding is one of the most popular treatments in our Santa Monica dental office. This is because dental bonding is used to achieve a wide variety of cosmetic and structural results, and because this treatment is a great fit for many different types of patients. If you have questions about dental bonding, we are here to help! Keep reading to get the information that you need.

Q: How long does it take to finish the dental bonding process?

A: One of the major benefits of dental bonding is that this treatment can be completed from start to finish in only one dental appointment. In general, our dental team is able to finish the bonding process in under 3 hours. You can walk into our office with visible dental issues, and head home with an attractive and restored smile.

Q: Is dental bonding painful?

A: Dental bonding is non-invasive treatment, so it is very comfortable for the patient to undergo. We usually do not use any type of anesthesia during dental bonding treatment. If, however, you are worried about the bonding process, please feel free to talk about your concerns with our dental team—we’ll work with your needs!

Q: What kinds of things can I do with dental bonding?
A: Dental bonding is a viable alternative to a number of popular cosmetic treatments. You can use dental bonding to whiten your smile, rather than using professional whitening treatments. Dental bonding is also used as a sort of “instant orthodontics,” and you can use dental bonding to transform teeth rather than placing porcelain veneers over the natural enamel.

Our Santa Monica dental team has years of experiencing improving patients’ smiles using dental bonding. If you think that this treatment might be good for your smile, please contact our team to schedule a consultation!