Santa Monica Dentist Provides Essential Family Dentistry Services

by Dr. Follette | Date Published: 2017-01-10

Our Santa Monica family dentists are here to help your entire family achieve and maintain healthy, attractive smiles. In this short article, we are going to be reviewing some of the most important preventive and restorative family dentistry services.

Family dentistry is all about keeping pediatric and adult patients healthy in the most convenient and effective ways possible.

Both young and older dental patients should be completing professional dental cleanings every six months or so; some dental patients, with existing oral health issues, need to come in for professional treatment on a more frequent basis. When you come in for a cleaning, our team removes built up plaque and tartar from your dental surfaces. We also assess your smile for any signs of emerging infections or oral cancers. These regularly scheduled appointments are truly the foundation of any healthy smile.

When oral health problems do arise—like cavities and gum disease—our dentist is able to treat the damage and restore the patient’s smile where necessary. We use composite fillings, which are metal-free and exceptionally natural looking. We can even replace existing mercury fillings with state-of-the-art composite crowns. Additionally, our team uses laser periodontal treatment, which is non-surgical, to treat infected oral tissues, and help your tissue to heal and regenerate.

Another vital part of family dentistry is education. Our dental team works with young patients to help them understand the importance of thorough and diligent dental care. We know that the habits your child develops now can make a huge difference as he or she grows older and is tasked with maintaining permanent teeth.

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