Santa Monica Sedation Dentist Shares Information On How Relaxation Dentistry Helps People

by Dr. Follette | Date Published: 2016-11-01

If you are someone who experiences fear and anxiety in the dentist’s chair, then you are certainly not alone. Dental anxiety is common among patients of many ages; our dental team knows from experience that this kind of anxiety can cause people to avoid necessary and beneficial dental treatments.

It is for this reason that our Santa Monica dentists offer relaxation and sedation treatment options to help put people at ease. Here are some of the ways that sedation dentistry helps people achieve oral health…

First of all, as we’ve mentioned, sedation dentistry is great for people who experience dental anxiety. Sedation can help you overcome dental fears, so that you can get the preventive cleanings that you need, as well as restorative treatments when dental health issues do arise. You’ll find that while under sedation, you feel calm and worry-free.

Sedation dentistry is also used to ease the treatment process for patients who are undergoing multi-phased restorative treatment. Generally, our dental team is able to complete more treatments in one sitting when the patient is sedated, because the patients does not become fatigued as quickly. Sedation dentistry can actually increase the efficiency of your treatment process.

Finally, comfort sedation options minimize pain in the dentist’s chair. This is one of the number one reasons that people choose to use sedation dentistry, especially when undergoing reconstructive dental treatments! Our dental team can help you determine which kind of comfort/sedation treatment is right for you and the treatments you’re undergoing.

As always our Santa Monica dentists are here to provide you with any additional information that you may need about sedation and relaxation dentistry. You can also schedule a consultation to get more customized treatment recommendations. Give us a call or use the Contact Us form on our website in order to get started today!