Get Answers To Questions About Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment From Our Santa Monica Dentists

Written by Dr. Follette on Apr 19, 2016

In the world of restorative dentistry, there are some treatments that really change the game; these treatments improve the patient’s dental experience as well as his or her treatment outcomes. Laser dentistry allows our Santa Monica dentist to treat periodontal disease more completely and more comfortably than ever before. If you want to learn more about laser periodontal care, keep reading this short Q and A from our dental team.

Q: How does a laser treat periodontal disease?

A: The lasers that we use to treat gum disease are calibrated to seek out and eliminate damaged tissue. Basically, infected oral tissue is structured differently than healthy tissue. So as our dentist moves the laser across your smile, the laser will destroy the diseased tissue, and leave behind your health gums. Our dental team will then remove any tartar and plaque that surrounds your tooth roots. Additionally, as the laser eliminates the infected tissue, it seals the excision site—this promotes your body’s natural healing response.

Q: What is it like to go through laser periodontal treatment?

A: This treatment process is very simple for the patient; you will simply lay back, and, as much as possible, relax, while our dentist moves the laser over your oral tissues. This treatment is very comfortable—you may feel heat and/or a tingling sensation. If our dentist thinks that you may experience additional sensitivity or discomfort, we may recommend a numbing agent of some kind. Most patients are able to drive themselves home after treatment, and return to their daily routines right away.

If you have more questions about gum disease in general, and/or laser treatment specifically, our Santa Monica dentist has the answers you need. Please call our helpful team to get started, or use the Contact Us page on our website to submit your question. We look forward to speaking with you!