How Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

by Dr. Follette

At Carol E. Folette, DDS in Santa Monica, we’ve introduced hundreds of patients to the wonders of dental bonding. It’s a safe, budget-friendly way to improve your smile and send your self-confidence through the roof.

What Is Dental Bonding?

The crux of dental bonding is composite resin - a moldable substance whose color can be customized to that of your teeth. After an examination of your mouth to identify the extent of your bonding needs, the dentist will refine the resin’s color and then mold it into the exact shape required to fit your teeth.


For patients, dental bonding brings several important benefits - some cosmetic and some not. These benefits include:

Gap Closure

Celebrities like David Letterman and Lauren Hutton are well-known for their gap-tooth smiles, but whether to address or ignore gap teeth is down to personal preference. For people who prefer “seamless” teeth, dental bonding is an excellent solution. The composite resin can be used to fill the gap, and depending on the width of the space, possibly even close it.


For patients with a very wide gap, or who have multiple gaps to address, a better course of action is probably dental veneers, which more effectively cover larger areas. But if you don’t fall into this category, than dental bonding is definitely worth pursuing.

Crack Care & Prevention

Anyone who has ever cracked a tooth can attest to the anxiety that comes with worrying that the crack will grow bigger and contribute to tooth discoloration. What’s needed is an effective solution for fortification, and that’s where dental bonding comes in. Not only can a dental bond reinforce your tooth and stop an existing crack from lengthening, it will also lessen the chances of future cracks developing, thus minimizing the odds of your smile becoming discolored by what are called “craze lines”.

Chip Repair

Aside from cavities, chips are the most common tooth defects, with causes ranging from hard-food consumption and accidents, to aging. A chipped tooth is liable to cause discoloration, weaken the tooth’s structure, and create an “uneven” appearance in your smile. Here again, dental bonding is an effective recourse for resolving discoloration and preventing further chipping and damage. Also, any uneven aspect to your grin is eliminated, restoring your smile to its natural splendor.

Health Benefits

Along with its proven cosmetic advantages, dental bonding is also an effective deterrent to dental health concerns like cavities and exposed roots. Specific to cavities, composite resin (dental bonding’s key component) is a viable alternative to traditional silver fillings. The resin looks more natural, doesn’t possess any health risks, and is more durable than silver/amalgam. Regarding exposed roots, which are typically caused by receding gums, dental bonding is effective at covering the roots and mitigating the sensitivity associated with the exposure. And of course, the ability to color-match is also a big upside.

Choose Dental Bonding and Let Your Smile Shine

Ready to let your smile shine? Dental bonding is an excellent choice for addressing issues like chips, cracks, and gaps, and restoring your smile’s natural appeal. Contact Carol E. Folette, DDS today and learn more about this popular procedure.