Learn More About How Our Santa Monica Dentist Improves Oral Health With Thorough Dental Cleanings

Written by Dr. Follette on Mar 1, 2016

One of the most important things for you as a dental patient to do is to maintain your schedule of dentist-recommended dental cleanings. Both the ADA and our dental team recommend that patients of all ages come in for cleanings every six months or so. Why is this so important? Our Santa Monica dentist is here to break it down for you!

As you’d imagine, the number one reason to come in for regularly scheduled dental cleanings is to maintain a clean smile! Our dental team is able to get rid of plaque and tartar that you cannot eliminate at home. So, by coming for an appointment every six months, you allow our team to clear away newly developed bacteria, and help safeguard your smile.

These appointments are also excellent opportunities for our team to perform any preventive treatments that you may require. Many young patients, for example, require topical fluoride treatments to help strengthen their fresh and new dental enamel. This is the type of treatment that we can take care of at your semi-annual appointment!

Additionally, no matter how hard we all try (and we know that you are trying!), sometimes dental damage just pops up. When you are seeing our dental team on a regular basis, we are able to spot health changes to you smile before they get serious and severe. Generally, early detection makes it faster and more cost effective for you to get the restorative treatment that you need. This philosophy also applies to oral cancer screenings—we’ll complete an oral cancer screening at every single cleaning.

We understand that it is so easy to fall behind in your dentist-recommended schedule of dental care. But, we are here to tell you not to lose hope! Even if it has been awhile since you’ve completed a cleaning, our Santa Monica dentist is here to help you. Give us a call to get started!