Our Santa Monica Dental Team Treats Severe Damage With State-of-the-Art Care

by Dr. Follette

Whether dental damage pops out of nowhere or develops incrementally over time, it is crucial that you, as a patient, seek prompt treatment. Most oral health issues aren’t going to heal on their own—they require restorative care to get your smile back on track. 

Today our Santa Monica dentist is going to be talking about a few of the most popular restorative treatments we offer:

Dental Bonding

The bonding process is simple, straightforward, and effective: our dental team will apply custom-shaded resin to your tooth structure, and shape it so that it looks natural. Then, we cure the resin so that it cures and hardens on the tooth. This can be used to correct dental damage, lengthen short teeth, and even close gaps in your smile.


Veneers are individually crafted porcelain restorations. A veneer is only as thick as a contact lens; once it is in place it completely covers the visible tooth surface and transforms the look of the relevant tooth.

Custom Crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have been damaged due to infection or injury. A crown makes your tooth look whole again, but even more importantly, it allows you to regain a healthy and fully functional smile. Our team will use your natural teeth as guides when crafting your crown.

Laser Periodontics

Periodontal disease develops when oral bacteria are able to infiltrate a patient’s oral tissues. If left untreated, this infection can spread to adjacent teeth, connective tissues, and even your jawbone. Laser gum disease treatment eliminates infected tissues, while encouraging healing and leaving unaffected tissues in place.

Dental Implants

These stand-alone replacement teeth are permanently embedded in the patient’s jawbone tissue—the root of the dental implant replaces the missing natural tooth root. Alternatively, or additionally, dental implant technology can be used to hold a larger dental prosthetic in place.

In some cases, one of these treatments is sufficient to meet the patient’s goals. For more complex cases our team will combine treatment protocols to address multiple issues at once. If you have questions, our Santa Monica dentist is here to help, just give us a call!